Training Coach app: a Digital training coach always with you.


Training Coach app is together with The Nutrition app, the paid for offering by Freeletics. Accordingly, to the description of the functions, the app acts as a proper Personal Gym Coach or PT. It gives a personalized training plan and training instructions for the week it acknowledges your training activity at the end of it, ¬†assessing performance so to optimize and personalize the following week. The Training Coach it is also designed to adapt to different lifestyles. Choosing and adjusting the number of training days on a weekly basis you have no excuse to miss the training. The 2×2 feature gives, even more, flexibility. Exchange all runs and distance exercises in your Training Day with a single tap on the app page. ¬†Train at home, on the road or outside – whatever fits your day.

Here you can find costs to unlock Training Coach and Nutrition:

3 months Sub verified 19-09-17
6 months Sub verified 19-09-17
12 months Sub verified 19-09-17












With a Training Coach subscription, you have access to all Freeletics training including the current Coach week. Your Personal Training Coach starts on the date of purchase and remains active for the whole pre-paid period. Afterward, the Training Coach subscription renews automatically by the originally selected interval. You can terminate your subscription at any time, without the need to give any notice.

In any case, you have fourteen days to test the service and make sure you are happy with it. Within 14 days of initial purchase, if the service is not up to your expectations, without having to say a reason, you can cancel the subscription. To get a full refund, you need to contact the customer support.
Of course, the same conditions apply should you decide to try only The Training Coach or together with Nutrition.

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