The Best Testosterone Boosting Food Explained (part 2)


Part 2 of our testosterone boosting food list!

11. Uncooked Cacao Products

organic cacao products are natural testosterone enhancing superfoods raw cacao, cocoa, or delicious chocolate products are nutritionally thick testosterone enhancing superfoods.

However, I’m not discussing the chocolates or cacao that a lot of people identify as chocolates. Real chocolates are not heated or melted (this damages the antioxidants and many vitamins), it isn’t processed, and it’s not refined.

It’s this unheated, minimally processed, and essentially Organic version of chocolates that maintains the antioxidants, enzymes, and friendly gut bacterias. It is also the RAW chocolates that are associated with increased cardiovascular health, reduced blood pressure, and lowered blood sugar levels. It is also among the finest “erection enhancing” foods.

But what makes raw, delicious chocolate and cacao products are incredible food that increases testosterone production?

First, of, they’re packed with antioxidants and jam-packed with vitamins, such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, and iron…

…and not just that but natural cacao products have virtually perfect fat ratios for testosterone increase too. For instance, from the fat molecules in raw chocolates 61% is fats, 37% is extra monounsaturated fat, in support of 2% is polyunsaturated.

So, chock-full of antioxidants, packed with testosterone boosting vitamins. Also, it has perfect excess fat ratios, making fresh cacao products a powerhouse food that enhances testosterone levels.

12. Eggs

Eggs are a diet powerhouse, and ideal for testosterone production eggs is believed as “the perfect healthy proteins” given that they contain a practically perfect balance of proteins for human needs.

Eggs are also super healthy, containing almost all the known vitamin supplements (except vitamin C).

There is also good fatty-acid ratios for testosterone creation. 38% fats, 44% extra monounsaturated fat, in support of 18% polyunsaturated body fat.

The main factor which makes eggs a high-T food is the fact that the yolk has a significant amount of cholesterol, which as if you might know, is the immediate precursor of testosterone.

NOTE: I understand that lots of people get frightened about cholesterol and excess fat in the yolk, but there is no need to. It’s medically proven that regular egg intake does not have an adverse impact on your cardiovascular health (research, study).

13. Real Salt

Real Salt is fantastic within a testosterone enhancing foods list there’s an enormous difference between real crystal, sea, or rock and roll salt in comparison with the most common “table salt”.

That’s, real unrefined and unaltered salts are bit clumpy, plus they have about 60+ track vitamins in them.

The basic stand sodium on the other hands? It’s usually acquired 2. Sodium and chloride.

What else? Well, the readily made salts can have up to 3% anti-caking agencies, which are harmful heavy metals like aluminium silicate or sodium ferrocyanide.

That is all done because of increased income, aka. Much longer shelf-life. When sodium is stripped of its natural nutrients, it’s no more salt. It’s processed shit.

So, could you rather ingest the shitty purified desk sodium that has mere two nutrients and heavy-metal caking brokers or the real thing which has 100% real sodium and 0% taking agencies, with a taste that explodes in the mouth area? Your call.

14. Argan Oil

Argan oil is a superb addition to a testosterone improving dietitian engine oil is the petrol pressed from the argan tree kernel. It’s in the Mediterranean diet.

Previously in this particular article, I mentioned a report where essential olive oil, the main way to obtain fat for 14 days, could increase testosterone levels by 17% in healthy young Moroccan men.

Well, for the reason that same study there is another group too. An organisation which used Virgin Argan engine oil as their main way to obtain dietary fat for 14 days. Their testosterone levels increased by ~20%.

Much like essential olive oil, argan engine oil is anti-inflammatory and has a whole lot of antioxidants. Also, it has excellent fatty-acid ratios for T creation (much less good as essential olive oil does, though).

Anyhow, there’s specific medical evidence displaying how it enhances testosterone by 20%.

15. Avocados

Avocados are food that improves testosterone naturally these rich fruits tend to be considered “bad” by the low-fat goo-roos. Which is basically because unlike a great many other fruits, 77% of the calorie consumption within an avocado result from fats.

You know that increased fat molecules intake is straight correlated with an increase in testosterone production. And not just that, however, the types of extra fat that increase T seem to be to be fats (SFAs) and monounsaturated body fat (MUFAs), while polyunsaturated (PUFAs) tend to lower testosterone (more here).

Inside the view of those above, we can easily see that avocados are a great food that raises testosterone naturally. Given that they contain a lot of fat molecules, that 16% is SFAs, 71% is MUFAs, in support of 13% is PUFAs.

Avocados come with vitamin E, which is one of the primary fat-soluble natural vitamins for testosterone production.

16. White Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms increase testosterone levels. I used to consume these only as a pizza topping and being that they are mostly water. I had been under the idea that white button mushrooms will most likely not do Jack-shit health sensible.

As usual, I got wrong.

White button mushrooms contain polysaccharides, and in multiple studies, they are found to exert anti-estrogenic results, since they seem to be to naturally obstruct the aromatase enzyme which turns testosterone to oestrogen (review, study, review).

Similar anti-estrogenic results have been mentioned with other mushroom types too, but white button mushrooms seem to be to be the best shrooms aromatase inhibitors discovered so far.

17. Cooking Soda

baking soda is a superb addition to a higher testosterone pantry use cooking soda pop (sodium bicarbonate) more as a health supplement (pre-workout, and then for increased T) when compared to a food item, but since it could be purchased at any supermarket, it meets flawlessly to the list.

Why baking soda pop you may ask? Well, first of all, because it is a superb ergogenic help that can considerably transform your squat and bench press performance, mobile version to HIIT, and may be used to supercharge your creatine supplementAnd then there is also the fact that sodium bicarbonate will become a molecular move for the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). And increased cAMP levels, as you may know, correlate with an increase of T creation since cAMP activates necessary protein kinase A. It functions as a second messenger between skin cells and human hormones. (Study, study, research, study, study, research, study, study, review).

It is also about $7 per lb (affiliate hyperlink).

18. Yogurt

yoghurt is food that raises testosterone levels lately; there’s been lots of evidence recommending that prebiotics, probiotics, live enzymes, and other sorts of friendly bacterias could have a positive effect on testosterone production.

Few illustrations. On this 2015 research, a couple of researchers examined multiple different diets with added Lactobacillus Reuters on male rodents. Atlanta divorce attorneys single circumstance, the addition of L.Reuterii to the give food to increased testosterone levels, increased luteinizing hormone levels, increased testicular size & weight, averted age-related testicular shrinkage, increased semen guidelines, and even increased markers of communal domination.

Another rodent research discovered that increased contact with healthy gut microbiomes resulted in raised testosterone levels. And one even noticed that the probiotic Clostridium monitors could convert the strain hormone cortisol into androgens inside the gut.

So, how will you nourish the gut flora and colonise those healthy probiotics, prebiotics, and friendly enzymes into the intestines better? Simple, by consuming fermented foods, which effortlessly hold the friendly bacterias and enzymes.

Yoghurt is a superb example and an incredible food that raises testosterone levels. It includes the L. Reuter and C. Sinensis, and many other – yet unresearched – probiotic strains.

19. Grass-Fed Meat Jerky

beef jerky rises testosterone. Grass-fed meat is the quantity #1 way to obtain testosterone boosting essential protein.

It’s high quality, not corn-fed, has excellent amino-acid balance, and even the excessive fat in it is saturated, which is the sort of fat associated with biggest boosts in testosterone development.

Also, grass-fed and naturally grown animals aren’t subjected to testosterone-lowering pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or insecticides. They’re also not pumped packed with oestrogen like regular cattle often is.


The Best Testosterone Boosting Food Explained (part 2)
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