Kidneys have the vital function of filtering and managing the waste the body produces, so it’s essential to keep them healthy.

Kidneys Detox diets and fasts are increasingly popular. However, there is little-proved evidence that they can eliminate toxins from the body. Liver and kidneys are the best at doing this, so concentrating on keeping these organs healthy is a must, rather than fasting or extreme detox dieting. If you do decide to try a cleansing fast, remember to drink lots of water and eat kidney-friendly food.

Here you will find how to help maintain them healthy.

Drink more water. If you don’t drink at least two litres of water a day, increase the amount of water you drink. Anyone should drink at least eight glasses or two litres of pure water a day. Make sure this becomes a habit.

Less refined foods. Cutting out refined and high-sodium foods will give a great help to your kidneys. Carbohydrates that everyone should try to limit include chocolate, sweets, cake, packed biscuits, and sugary beverages. You should avoid white bread and pasta.

A detox diet that eliminates all highly processed foods might make you feel better in the short-run.
If you want a long-term solution, ensure that you have a balanced diet.

Try apple and apple juice. Apples are an excellent choice to help keep your kidneys healthy.
That can help lower cholesterol and glucose levels and are an excellent source of vitamin C. Apple peel is also a good source of antioxidants.
Be aware that bought apple juice often contains a lot of sugar.

Consider the “lemonade diet.” An alternative fluid cleanses known as the “lemonade diet.” This requires you to drink for fourteen days lemon juice, starting with the juice of one lemon the first day, two the second till you reach seven on the seventh day. Then on the eighth day again seven lemon juice, day nine six and so on till you reach back one on the fourteenth day.
There is, however, no scientific evidence that such cleanses are a good approach to better sustainable health.

Avoid alcohol and smoking. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can both be very damaging for your kidneys. Try to stop smoking altogether, and limit your alcohol intake to not more than two small units a day for males, or one for a woman.
Smoking and drinking both raise your blood pressure.
Among the most common causes of kidney disease is high blood pressure.
You should visit your doctor to have your blood pressure checked at lease every five years.

Have an active lifestyle. Having an active way of life should always go with a healthy diet. Your overweight will increase the blood pressure and so contribute to kidneys problems. In general, everyone should aim for at least around 150 minutes of exercise a week. Including everything from running, cycling and swimming, to team outdoor sports and the gym, you should not find hard to achieve it.
Work out your BMI and to determine if you are at a healthy weight there are many online tools too.
Here you have one.

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Risk-Free Fundamentals of Kidneys Detox.
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Risk-Free Fundamentals of Kidneys Detox.
Kidneys have the vital function of filtering and managing the waste the body produces, so it's essential to keep them healthy. Here you will find how to help maintain them healthy.Drink more water.Less refined foods.Try apple and apple juice.Consider the “lemonade diet.”Avoid alcohol and smoking.Have an active lifestyle.
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