Powerful Facial Moisturiser: Ionic Steam water particles are up to 10 times better in penetrating into your skin!

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This is my little gem which I found on Amazon:
Let me tell you what it is…

It is a Hot Mist Facial Steamer which delivers a very fine warm steam called nano-ionic all to penetrate into the skin better and delivering a more efficient way to moisture your face

The Kingdom Cares Hot Mist Facial Steamer with nano-ionic, using the PTC ceramic heating element to vaporise clean water steam, relieve dryness and help your skin look smoother and more relaxed.

Did you know that ionic water particles are up to 10 times better in penetrating into your skin?
Steaming is an excellent way to soften your skin, unclog pores and better the overall skin’s absorbency.

The moderate temperature can cleanse the skin very well without putting your face under too much stress from the high heat steam.

If used regularly, you can notice a reduction in blackheads and breakouts, while also improves your skin’s circulation and cell vitality.

The Kingdom Cares Ionic Steamer:

Very affordable 19,99
Nano-ionic steam penetrates into the skin more effectively
The unit is quite small and requires users to move their face more than those with a facial shield. It’s just one of my very favourite little magic products. I recommend it to anyone!
For my modest opinion, this product deserves five Superstars!!! It works well, it is small and easy to put away and great value for money.
Looking after yourself…. It is so worth it!
All the very best…. Mwah!!!;-)
***Please, note that this is not a sponsored review. I don’t receive compensation in exchange for reviewing this product. All opinions are my own and the outcome of my personal use.
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KINGDOMCARES Nano Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer
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  • Just ordered it! Sorry man, but I do anything you suggest!
    You hardly get it wrong… I’ve only ever had the best advice from you!

    • Thanks Mr! I’m I’m … with no speech … I guess speechless… 😉
      hahah… what am I talking about??? btw I appreciate the support… It means a lot… It really does…