How to spot fake product reviews

How to Spot Fake Product Reviews

When shopping, customer reviews are a key component in order to make the best decision, especially when shopping online. Here we will go through things you must watch out to spot fake product reviews and fake reviewers



Retailers and manufacturers, but also advertising and public-relations agencies ask customers for positive product / or services review offering a significant discount, almost free, so to appear as ‘verified’/delighted consumers.

Reviews websites like Yelp, try to fight fake reviews employing a secret algorithm to root out those reviews that were published by somebody with the aim of both boost and destroy the name of a product or service. This is a necessary operation for a website like because the excess of dishonest reviews would end up ruining the site’s quality.

Let me tell you that you don’t need any secret algorithm to spot the fakes. These tips will help you locate the critiques that count.

  • Watch out for the fabulous!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Overexcited, the actual writing and lots of exclamation points are No. 1 red flag. Just think: When was the last time you used a product that was perfect in every way? People who write actual reviews, tend to talk about the good and the bad. A happy customer also when happy has some gripes, for instance when a blender does an excellent job mixing but weighs too much or takes up a lot of counter space. Having said that, we must also be aware of those very nasty comments because it might be someone aiming to grind a competitor.
  • Beware of perfect wording.
    If the phrasing flows like an ad, it probably is. Let’s be honest if someone becomes poetic about £ 4 socks; you should not take the reviewer seriously. One can be perfectly happy with those socks and gives a five-star rating with a positive word; however, a praise out of proportion must be fake.
  • Root out the outsourced.
    Another thing you must be aware is colloquialisms and syntax. Usually, they are the sign of outsourced dummy-review writers from other places. I am not saying you should discredit reviews with writing errors and typos, because real reviewers create mistakes, however, mercenary review-writing is a volume business, so those employed to set up and post in bulk usually do not control inappropriate language.
  • Look out for the repeat offenders.
    It should concern you if you see that a reviewer has written several reviews on a single category. How many toasters will one person buy in a year to review?
  • Read many reviews.
    Read reviews on many alternative platforms before you buy. If you rely on more than one source, your chances of not identifying biased reviews diminish.
  • Check the source.
    When reviews for a selected product are only one or two, check, if you can, the name of the reviewer(s). Click on the name; it should link to the reviewer’s profile and recent activities, reviews or a social media profile page proving the reviewer is the real deal. You can also Google to visualize if the authors have written product appraisals elsewhere. Investigate if the author has written praise for a challenge elsewhere, or if he or she mentions a rival.
  • Watch times and dates.
    Many reviews on the same day and reviews repeating the full name and model of a product several times are signs that a model is being used to grind out fake reviews. Avoid them.

I hope these will help you in spotting fake reviews in the future. Please let me know what you think and if you want to add anything. Can you think of any other useful tips or suggestions, share them in the comments and finally: When something is too good to be true, the chance is that it is not!

How to Spot Fake Product Reviews
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How to Spot Fake Product Reviews
When shopping online, customer reviews are a key component in order to make the best decision. Here we will go through things you must watch out to spot fake product reviews and fake reviewers
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