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Pamper Yourself – You are worth it!

Who doesn’t love being pampered and all that comes with it? However looking and feeling fabulous does not come cheap….Yes? That’s where you are wrong. Here are the top places where to find ‘cheap’ or heavily discounted treatments in London and the UK. If that was not enough, I will also talk through my personal rules to make sure you get the highest quality of treatment and the best experience for your money.

I apologize in advance some of the opinions or ‘rules’ seem to generalize unfairly, and I know that every case is different.

Treat Well Website

If you feel like treating yourself, TREAT WELL is a good start!

On ‘Treat well’ website you can search and book appointments for hair, beauty, and spa anywhere in the UK. Watch out: generally you will find honest and informative customer reviews, so you know what you are buying. There are many offers including 2-4-1 and off-pick or fill a last-minute slot, and the same amazing treatments are yours for a fraction of the list price.

Booking brighter tab is the first I click when on the site. You can look for what’s near you or spot the offer of a well-known place. It’s all about booking off-peak and last-minute and getting the same luxe for less.
If you live in London or any other city in the UK or anywhere else in the World, you should check out the Beauty Schools around you. London has a few Beauty Schools that offer discounted beauty treatments from students. Doesn’t matter if you get a first year or a more experienced student as experienced teaching staff are always on hand.

   Back to School Anyone?

back to school
Back To School Anyone?

18-19 Long Lane, EC1A

The London School of Beauty and Make-Up has a fully operational salon, spa, and shop. There are many treatments available, and you can get spa access for £10. manicure starting from £14, pedicure £20 and Facials from £25. They also offer body treatments, makeup, and express treatments.

118 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TT

Based in central London, this also offers a wide range of treatments. Treatments are undertaken by qualifying beauty therapists and are supervised. It’s open Tuesdays and Thursdays. They offer Dermalogica and Guinot facials starting at £18 and massage start at £15 for 30 minutes. They also offer body treatments, nail treatments, waxing and full packages from £60.

Ramilies House, 1-2 Ramifies Street, 1st Floor, London, W1F 7LN

Based in central London, just off Oxford Street. You can book treatments at discounted prices while using top quality, best skin-care products such as Kaeso, Dermalogica, OPI and Aromatherapy Associates. The therapists have all completed their training, but you can also book more senior therapists if you wish. Cut and blow dry start from £10, hair color is from £20, Facials from £20, massage from £28 and nails from £18. On their website, they have monthly offers.


There are two Oasis salons to choose from in Finsbury Park and Holloway Road.
Treatments are all undertaken by supervised students. There is also a sauna and steam room available for use.
If you are close to these areas, they are worth a try.


Salon Guinea Pig is a FREE website that links people seeking free or discounted salon treatments with people who need models for those treatments in their area.

best deal
Searching for the Best Deal!

It’s a deal-of-the-day recommendation service for consumers.
Groupon acts as a middleman service that promotes your city’s restaurants and stores earning a commission whenever they successfully refer a customer.
The promotion also comes along with a50 or 60% discount on a certain service or product.

Watch IT! I have mixed feelings about Groupon. I got some crap. Like when I thought it was a good idea in getting 3 or 4 tickets for the Christmas kind of BINGO. That time I ended up receiving 4or 3 cheap phone speakers that I struggled finding a couple of people who would free me from them: Free of course. I ended up taking them to a charity shop.
Lesson learned!

that was my not so positive experience, however, when I look for alternative medicine treatments, Groupon has not let me down in the last few years.

I screen value the authenticity of the offer according to these 3 points:

  1. Do a google earth check of the address of the practice. If the shop front is on the main road in a popular not wrap area. GO to
  2. Check if they have a Website or Landing pages/ social media profiles and if you find. GO to
  3. Check reviews, check social media pages, check on main search engine if the same business details were shared.

When you find all this info about any commercial activity, you can be assured that you will never have a nasty surprise. Why? An organization or business that the only aim is to take advantage of others, will never bother optimizing the business name on Search Engines.


too good to be
When Something is Too Good to Be True…




When something sounds too good to be true, STOP, THINK, and THINK again, because it might not be genuine!





careful with less secure sites
Be even more careful when using less secure sites


Take extra care should you take on an offer found on Classified sites like gumtree and also from shops notice boards local offers.







write reviews
Take Time To Write Reviews




Always take a couple of minutes to leave a quick review of your experience.

Leaving a review is the most powerful and useful tool that we have. The correct use it ensures the highest return from every little thing we buy.





Please, can I hear from you now? Can you suggest any other place? Anything to recommend? You just wanna say hi? 🙂

your turn to speak
Now It’s Your Turn. Any Thoughts?


I look forward to your comments below.

How To Get Discounted Body Treatments?
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How To Get Discounted Body Treatments?
Looking and feeling fabulous does not come cheap….Yes? That's where you are wrong. Here are the top places where to find 'cheap' or heavily discounted treatments in London and the UK. TREAT WELL website is a good start! In London are worth a mention the Beauty Schools. Here are those offering treatments at heavily discounted prices. THE LONDON SCHOOL OF BEAUTY AND MAKEUP, 18-19 Long Lane, EC1A - RAY COCHRANE BEAUTY SCHOOL, 118 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TT - THE SALON AT LONDON COLLEGE OF BEAUTY THERAPY, Ramilies House, 1-2 Ramifies Street, 1st Floor, London, W1F 7LN - OASIS BEAUTY SALON - SALON GUINEA PIG and GROUPON website.
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