The Best Testosterone Boosting Food Explained (part 1)


Part one of this enormous article, where you will get a 30 food items that boost testosterone in men with all the explanations and reasons why these foods are perfect for the endocrine system.

Think of it as a grocery list your balls would write if they had hands.

1. All Kinds of Potatoes

Potatoes are an excellent food that boosts testosterone. Carbohydrates are essential for healthy testosterone production.

Cereals aren’t the preferred source of carbohydrates, mainly due to problems with gluten, which can significantly increase prolactin levels, efficiently messing up T production.

Ruling out grains may make it look like you can’t eat any carbs, except for salad, but that’s not the case.

You can — and should eat — potatoes as part of a testosterone boosting diet (also sugar and fruits).

Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, red potatoes, russets, purple potatoes, etc.. If it’s a potato, you should be eating it. Potatoes are a high no-gluten supply of testosterone boosting carbohydrates, and also very dense in nutrients. Stockpile your pantry full of these and make potatoes your primary carbohydrate source.

2. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts for healthy testosterone production-dietary fat, in general, is known for its testosterone increasing effect, and nuts generally, are very high in fats. So one could easily assume that all nuts are pro-testosterone. But that’s not true.

The fats that have been linked to increased Testosterone are saturated fatty acids (SFAs) and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). On the other hand, Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) tend to lower testosterone levels.

Most nuts are — unfortunately — loaded with PUFAs.

Not macadamia nuts though. 100 grammes of these superb small fat balls contain ~75 grammes of dietary fat, from which 60 grammes are MUFAs, 13 grammes are SFAs, and less than 2 grammes are PUFAs.

You can get some delicious organic Macadamia nuts from Food to Live (affiliate link).

3. Epic Bar

epic bars are an astonishing testosterone boosting food. 100% grass-fed bison bars can be found on the market.

Not just bison, but also lamb, turkey, and beef.

Why are the heroic bars so brilliant then? Well, despite their high price, they’re exactly the sort of protein your endocrine system craves. Grass-fed, animal-based and free of antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide.

4.Beef Gelatin

gelatin is food that boosts testosterone levels traditional societies, the bones and connective tissue of meat-giving animals was generously enjoyed, giving the consumer an excellent balance of amino acids.

In more recent civilisations, we have started eating only the muscle meat, tossing away the connective tissue, bones, and meat.

The issue with that is that we are absorbing too much of the amino acids tryptophan and cysteine, and little of the amino acids proline and glycine (both act as important neurotransmitters for the body).

To improve this, you could eat some bone broth and animal organs, but there’s also a simpler way; Gelatin. It’s a remarkably reliable source of connective-tissue protein, offering you 27% glycine and 15\% proline. Additionally, it is tasteless, so it is easy to scoop it straight on with a spoon.

For starters, as soon as you balance out the neurotransmitters in your body, your sleep quality and hormonal signalling will improve, this alone will lead to significant increases in testosterone and life-quality.

5. Coffee

Coffee is a great drink to boost testosterone levels. Who doesn’t love a cup of strong coffee?

Coffee is terrific. It provides you with the caffeine stimulates the nerves and jolts you up, while also boosting CAMP levels, leading to increased testosterone production.

Sure coffee may also raise cortisol levels (that is a stress hormone notorious for lowering testosterone), but it is vital to see that the cortisol boost from caffeine is very short in length, not like the T suppressing long-term (typically stress-related) cortisol rise.

Oh, and coffee can also be full of antioxidants. So again, there is no need to avoid coffee, just don’t drink 15 cups a day.

Any coffee that suits your taste works.

6. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are a vital part of a testosterone boosting food list Brazil nuts are shelled in a thick cone, so technically they are seeds, but on account of their nut-like flavour and form, people have always called them nuts.

They do not have as good fat ratios for testosterone production as the macadamia’s do (100 grammes of Brazil nuts has 15g SFAs, 25g MUFAs, and 19g PUFAs), but their actual testosterone promoting potential is not in the fat ratio.

It’s in the large selenium content. 100 grammes of Brazil nuts comprises 1917 mg of selenium, which is 2739 percent of the RDA%!

Selenium: mainly because of its glutathione stimulating effects is associated with increased testosterone production. Just a handful of Brazil nuts a day is enough to cover your selenium requirement levels. Make sure they are not mouldy and have some skin on them.

Check out Vitamin rich smoothies. 

7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As there’s a study where young Moroccan men changed to extra virgin olive oil as their primary source of fat, and within two weeks their testosterone levels increased by 17%.

This might have been caused by the fact that olive oil has a pretty darn great fat ratio for T creation (73% MUFAs, 14% SFAs, 13% PUFAs), or it could even be the fact that olive oil is antibacterial, or that it is ridiculously high in antioxidants. Also, it contains the possible testosterone raising bitter glycoside; oleuropein.

Make sure your olive oil is the real olive oil. Possibly Organic. Extra Virgin. And from a trusted brand. Many less expensive olive oils are heated, processed, and adulterated with cheaper oils (usually strong PUFA ones too).

8. Raisins

Raisins are food that boosts testosterone production.

100 grammes of raisins contain 3 mg of boron. This is a not common mineral that causes increased testosterone levels significantly accordingly to few scientific studies.

Make your testosterone boosting snack trail mix with raisins, macadamia nuts, and brazil nuts.

9. Parsley

Parsley raises testosterone levels. It is a superb little herb. That’s due to a chemical substance in it called apigenin Tg.

The researcher at Tx Tech discovered that apigenin escalates the amount Superstar (steroidogenic severe regulatory health proteins) inside the testicular Leydig skin cells.

How come this is so great, you may ask? Well, Superstar is the binding proteins that transport cholesterol into the mitochondria inside your ball sack, substantially changing it to free testosterone.

More parsley -> more StaR -> better alteration from cholesterol to free testosterone -> more free testosterone.

Important: You better be eating parsley.

10. Ginger

Ginger as a higher testosterone. Real ginger is a common home spice, but it could be used to numerous other things than just to give flavour to foods.

Ginger provides the active component, gingerol, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent in the torso.

Not just that, but several creature studies have determined ginger as an androgenic element (study, analysis), while one Iraqi real human study mentioned a 17% upsurge in testosterone levels after ginger supplementation.

So not a typical home spices exclusively, but also a robust androgenic anti-inflammatory agent. And cheap.


The Best Testosterone Boosting Food Explained (part 1)
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The Best Testosterone Boosting Food Explained (part 1)
Part one of this enormous article, where you will get a 30food items that boost testosterone in men with all the explanations and reasons why these foods are perfect for the endocrine system.Think of it as a grocery list your balls would write if they had hands.1. All Kinds of Potatoes 2. Macadamia Nuts 3.Beef Gelatin 4.Coffee 5.Brazilian Nuts Continue...
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