Best fitness apps

Top fitness apps
Top 10 Best fitness apps 2016


This app uses the GPS tracker on your phone to track your speed, distance and elevation. It will also calculate how many calories you’ve burnt using your weight, height and age, and you can listen to your own music while you run.

£0.69, IOS, Android


Take the stress out of weight loss by tracking how many calories you’ve eaten without having to crunch the numbers yourself. Monitor what you eat using the bar code scanner or by searching the database of more than three million foods.

Free, IOS, Android


A GPS tracker with a difference: not only does this app measure your speed, distance and elevation as you cycle, it also allows you to compete with other cyclists who have ridden the same “segment” of road or trail. It also helps you to suss out the best nearby cycle routes.

Free, IOS, Android


Want to get fit but don’t know where to begin? The Nike Training Club app provides you with a range of workout routines based on your own fitness level and targeting specific areas of the body. Working out for set periods ranging from 15-45 minutes will unlock bonus regimes, recipes and fitness tips.

Free, IOS, Android


An app that provides a reward system for anyone struggling with motivation. The aim is to get to the highest level possible by logging the exercises you’ve done, whether it’s weightlifting or jazz dancing and earning points that get you past the level threshold. You can also post Facebook-style updates.

Free, IOS, Android


Is your gym membership proving to be a waste of money? Set yourself a target number of gym visits within a period of time and you can earn money by reaching your target! You are fined every time you miss a workout, and, at the end of the week, the fines are redistributed to all the people who reached their workout goal.

Free, IOS, Android


Believe it or not, this promises to get you running 5km with ease in nine weeks. Starting with walking and light jogging, its step-by-step program aims to gradually increase your fitness as you go from a beginner to a confident runner in only three training sessions a week.

Free, IOS, Android


If you find the idea of going to an actual yoga class less than relaxing, then Pocket Yoga is the way to go. Using both audio and visual guidance, the app will guide you through any of 27 routines.

£1.99, IOS; £1.89, Android


This app allows you to take control of your own fitness training, offering an enormous range of workout routines varying in length, intensity and target area of the body. Most routines have pictures to guide you and a digital personal trainer to talk you through it.

Free, IOS, Android


iMuscle offers a different approach to toning up. Choose which muscles you want to train from a detailed anatomical diagram and it will suggest exercises. Instead of using pictures or videos, the app provides you with detailed animation of the muscles themselves, so you know how to make the best of the workouts.

£2.99, IOS

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