5 Easy Steps To A Happier Life

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Many of us don’t realise the importance of the connection between mind and body. Many studies have shown emotional health can greatly affect your physical health. Live a healthier and happier life. Take steps to manage stress and protect general well-being. The five tips below can help.

1)   Accept there are things you can’t control. Too often you worry about things you can’t change. Don’t allow yourself to get
concerned with something that’s out of your power. Keep things in perspective to help avoid unnecessary worries.

2)  Keep a positive attitude.  Easier said than done, right? It might be a struggle to start, but it is important to our health. A recent Boston University study revealed people with a positive attitude recover better from surgeries than those with a negative outlook. Being an optimist will make it easier to overcome life’s challenges.

3) Get organised. Anxiety or nervousness is a huge obstacle to happiness. By taking the time to adequately prepare for the day or week ahead, you can help eliminate stress. Anxiety typically comes when we don’t feel ready to tackle the challenge in front of us. So, to get and stay happy, make sure not to procrastinate.

4) Be involved. Most people understand they need to take the time to exercise and eat right to stay healthy. But, it is also important to stay connected socially. Try volunteering or doing something nice for others. Helping others creates a sense of purpose and leads to greater happiness.

5) Get moving. An active lifestyle not only promotes a healthy weight, it also improves your mood, reduces stress and gives you more energy. Furthermore when you are active on a regular basis, you’ll also notice you have more self-confidence.

Making lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Not sure where to start? Start slow and try these tips.

Choose activities you enjoy.
Limit your time on social media. Turn off all electronic devices.
Walk whenever you can. Choose stairs over the elevator. Park in the furthest spot in the parking lot. When watching TV, walk during commercials. It all adds up.
Take time to participate in activities as a family, such as cycling or hiking.
Make it social and invite a friend.
Improving your health and changing habits isn’t easy. At your next doctor appointment, don’t forget to discuss your emotional well-being. Ask for his or her suggestions to get mentally and emotionally strong.




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  • It is true that often we don’t realise the importance of the connection between mind and body. Emotional health can greatly affect physical health and vice versa. Some really good tips here.